Begin to Build Your Own Illusions Vol. 4
Take Your Skills As An Illusionist To The Next Level Magicians and performance artists who specialize in the art of illusions take on tall challenges with developing their act from the earliest stages of tricks like the Rubber Pencil, Spoon...
$ 54.95
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Card College Volume 1 by Roberto Giobbi
The first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, beginning with lessons on the proper ways to hold, deal and shuffle the cards, then progressing through many basic sleights and techniques, including perhaps...
$ 50.00
Houdini: World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King by Kathleen Krull
A Collectors Edition Book About Harry Houdini Houdini is seen by most as being the man who brought magic to the masses. He was one of the most famous performing artists in the world and was well known as a...
$ 39.95 $ 19.95
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How to Handle Hecklers Book
A Cunning Book For Handing Hecklers & Skeptic Spectators Let’s face it, every performing artist is shaken from time to time by a heckler or a skeptic who is bound and determined to foil your act. While there’s certainly some...
$ 69.95 $ 39.95
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Illusion Systems #1
Paul Osborne Brings Together The Best Of Illusions Paul Osborne was a screenwriter, producer, and magician with a repertoire loaded with elevated illusions. The gimmicks he put together during his illustrious career helped scores of magicians and performing artists to...
$ 44.95
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Illusion Systems #4
A Masterful Book Of Illusions Illusionists at every level of their game are always looking for new ways to truly elevate their act. The truth is that illusionism is a broad canvas thirsty for your creative paint. Helping to paint...
$ 52.95
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Jabberwocky by Tony Shiels
A Book That Delves Deep Into Some Of Mentalism & Magic’s Most Guarded Secrets Jabberwocky is a conglomeration of mentalism, mind reading, bizarre magic, strange, weird, and spooky magic that’s also sprinkled with a rich tradition of storytelling by Tony...
$ 69.95 $ 37.95
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Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards
Joshua Jay’s Card Magic Revealed Joshua Jay has been practicing and performing magic since the age of 7. His sleight of hand techniques and his world of experience helps him understand card magic from all angles. So, it only stood...
$ 16.95
Karl Fulves Self- Working Table Magic
A Weighty Tome For True Worker Table Magicians A lot of magicians specialize in table magic or at least have some sort of table magic routine that they can fall back on for conventions and tradeshows. If this sounds like...
$ 29.95 $ 14.50
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic Book
A Must Have Magic Bible For Beginners & Ascending Magicians Alike If the magic bug has bitten you hard, then chances are you are hungry for more. Though buying a lot of one-off magic tricks and specially gaffed card decks...
$ 32.95
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Modern Coin Magic Bobo Book Dover
When party guests request a few tricks, be prepared. Ask for a coin, and perform some of the trick sin this book. Because you will not have been aided by special stage apparatus, the results will be all the more...
$ 19.95
Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard And Frederick Braue
The VERY BEST started out with ROYAL ROAD TO CARD MAGIC! Name ANY magician that is a card handler and they will tell you that The Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue is the root...
$ 19.95
Sharp Sorcery (Limited/Out of Print) by Les Sharps
A Once In A Lifetime Peek At The Magic Of Les Sharps This book represents a cooperative effort from George and Alfred Sharpies to gather the keen insights of the magician known as Les Sharps. It’s a limited edition hard...
$ 25.95
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Simple Magic Tricks Book
50 Easy Magic Tricks To Get Your Feet Wet As A Performer The pages of this book are jam packed with some of the world’s simplest, yet time-tested magic tricks. It includes 50 different trick, gags, gimmicks, games and puzzles...
$ 5.95
The Award-Winning Rope Magic by Francis Tabary
Tie Up Your Audience’s Attention With Award-Winning Rope Magic Francis Tabary spent 50 years performing and mastering a wide range of stunning visual effects in France. To the point that it won him a World Championship with many of the...
$ 65.00
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