Jazz Age Lawn Party Costumes

Come on guys and gals it going to be a hootenanny!

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Rental- 1920s Men Black Pinstripe Zoot Suit- 46R
Rental- 1920s Women Scalloped Sequin Flapper Large
Rental- 1920s Men Red & Black Pinstripe Zoot Suit- 44R
Rental- 1920s Men Black Tuxedo- 44R
Rental- Cigarette Girl- M
Black with Silver Mylar 80g Chandelle Boa
Champagne Luna Glove
Lace Garter Wallet
Rental- 1920s Women Silver & Hematite Flapper Dress- S
Rental- 1920s Women Hematite Flapper Dress- M
Rental- 1920s Men White/Black Houndstooth Plaid Suit- 42R
Rental- 1920s Men Blue Plaid Suit- 44R
Rental- 1920 Men 3PC Black Suit- 42L
Hollywood Goddess
Gold/Silver Sequin Flapper Dress with Fringe
Black and White Plaid Bow Tie
Beachside Clyde {Large}
Rental- 1920s Women Peach & Copper Flapper Dress- M
Brown Marabou Shawl
Brown Marabou Shawl
Egyptian Headband
Black and White Eve Wig
Cream 80g Chandelle Boa
Party At Gatsby’s
Kelly Green Bow Tie
Purple Velvet Bow Tie
Black Lace Fan
Black Lace Fan
$ 14.00
Rental- 1920s Woman Blue Sheer Sequin Dress- S
{High End} Sequin Flapper Dress with Beaded Fringes
{High End} 10 Line Chain Bracelet
Yellow 13-16’’ Ostrich Drab ^
White Turkey Feather Boa
White Ostrich Fan with Marabou

201 results

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