Deliberation by Apollo Riego

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One of the most versatile utility envelopes on the market!

"I've never seen someone do that with razor blades in exactly that fashion. Very cool!" -Joshua Jay

"Apollo and I started talking about this effect over 4 years ago! I am so glad he did all his research to give all the right crediting. I really like Deliberation because it uses a classic principle in a very novel way. You can do some incredible mentalism with a few envelopes, a die and a few other props. The demonstrations and Apollo's explanations make it clear he has lived with this effect and really polished all the routines with practical applications and some very subtle handling tips. What you get is a complete outfit with envelopes for many performances and a couple of dice all nicely packaged. The online instructions cover many applications and are very thorough. All in all, this is a top-notch product which I endorse." -Richard Osterlind

"He's one of the best! It's going to be epic!" -Damien Aditya

Deliberation is an incredible utility device first published by Thomas Henry and has been rediscovered by Apollo Riego. Force or obtain information from a sealed envelope without the use of any specials markings, magnets or sven methods. Deliberation includes 60 envelopes, over 60 minutes of detailed video instructions including 5 full routines that have been performed and tested by Apollo Riego for over 10 years! Deliberation can be used for ANY performance situations whether it's close up or stage! By the way, you can be completely surrounded! GET YOURS TODAY!

Papercut: Imagine performing the classic smash and stab effect without needing tables and taking the place of a spike is now an extremely sharp blade! Perfect for close up and walk around! WARNING: PERFORM AT YOUR OWN RISK! MAGICIAN UNLIMITED IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISHAPS WHEN PERFORMING THIS EFFECT!

Serial Killer: Borrow bills from a bunch of spectators...each member of the audience puts their bill in their envelope...they seal it. A volunteer is called on stage and is now asked to mix the envelopes to randomize. The spectator rolls a die to eliminate one envelope at a time until one is left. The mentalist now takes out a prediction that has been in full view the entire time...the volunteer opens the envelope with the bill inside and is asked to read the serial number...the mentalist's prediction matches the bill's serial number perfectly!

Destination Unknown: Pieces of a map has been cut into a million pieces and is placed inside of a clear container. Each spectator is asked to take one each and place their piece of the map in an envelope then sealed. A volunteer is now asked to collect the envelopes mixes them to randomize. The envelopes are eliminated down to 6 pieces. a number is chosen by the spectator and is asked to count down until they land on one envelope. The envelope is opened and it matches the missing piece of the map that has been hanging in full view the entire time...perfectly!

Bank'd: A squeaky clean rendition of the classic effect bank nite! 6 sealed envelopes are introduced. A volunteer is asked to mix the envelopes. The magician states that each spectator can choose one envelope for themselves and can keep its contents except for the last one...that one is for him. Each envelope is now opened by each spectator...they all have a penny inside. The magician opens his envelope which the spectators left for contains a $100 bill!

Destiny: A great way to obtain someone's phone number or any information with the spectators freely mixing the Deliberation envelopes! Perfect for pitch meetings!

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Deliberation by Apollo Riego
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