The Master Moulage Kit comes a ton of makeup and tools to create lacerations, burns, abrasions and broken bones. Kit Contains : Moulage Kit Case (empty) Trauma Simulation Guide 6 x Small Bullet Hole Prosthetics 4" Laceration Prosthetic 1" Exit Wound Prosthetic 2 x Jagged Cut Prosthetics 3 x Spirit Gum Adhesives, 1oz each Liquid Latex, 8oz Nose & Scar Wax Fair, 8oz Fair: (PL-1) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz Olive: (PY-3) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz Dark Brown: (PP-8) Skin Tone Foundation, 0.5oz 3 x Cyanotic Blue Foundations, 0.5oz each 2 x Master Bruise Wheels, 1oz each 2 x Trauma Simulation Wheels, 1oz each 2 x Burns & Blisters Wheels, 0.5oz each Soleil Red Pressed Color, 0.12oz Royal Purple Pressed Color, 0.12oz Wound & Burn Kit: Three 2oz. Bottles Stage Blood, 32oz 2 x Stage Blood, 2oz each Thick Blood, 6oz Simulated Blood Powder, 3oz Charcoal Powder, 4.5oz 2 x Neutral Set Powders, 1.75oz each 2 x Glycerin, 2oz each 2 x Final Seal Spritzers, 1oz each Remove-It-All, 8 oz 2 x Modeling Tools 4 x Flat Brush No. 7 4 x Flat Brush No. 10 2 x Rouge Brushes, Short Handle 3 x Synthetic Foam Sponges 3 x Nylon Stipple Sponges 6 x Velour Powder Puffs Cotton Swab Applicator (100 per bag) Tongue Depressors (5-pack) Utility Scissors 2 x Small Spritzer Applicators, 12oz each (empty)
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