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Juggling 101

$ 22.95

Juggling 101 - A Complete Juggling and Circus Skills Workshop DVD

Juggling Clubs in Clam

$ 59.95

Juggling Clubs in Clam

Juggling Knives

$ 59.95

The Higgins Brothers juggling knife is the best and most realistic looking knife on the market. It has a very nice weight for juggling and features an air cushioned wrapped handle just like a Euro juggling club. Appears to be very sharp and dangerous, but is somewhat safe to juggle....


$ 29.95

The Complete Juggling Ensemble


$ 12.95

A great juggling ball for performance and stage. Very popular for 5 ball juggling. 225g, 3 inch. These juggling balls are also known as THUDS or BEANBAGS. Sold individually.

LED Juggling Ball

$ 24.95

Stage balls illuminated by powerful LED's which give off a very bright and beautiful light. Designed with professional stage shows in mind, these balls are amazing for night time juggling and raves. A must have for any flow artist. Sold individually. 70mm 140grams

Juggling Rings

$ 6.95

Designed and molded by Higgins Brothers, these standard juggling rings come in bright fluorescent colors and glow under UV light, but look very sweet under regular light. These rings are preferred by professional jugglers all over the world. Tough polypropylene in bright colors with soft smooth edges. 12.75in, 113g


$ 9.95

Hand sewn by Higgins Brothers from our beautiful custom made stretch fabric. Probably the most popular juggling ball in the world. These juggling balls are also known as Thuds or Beanbags. 130g, 2.5 inch.


$ 39.95

Circus in a Suitcase


$ 14.95

The MMX is a popular juggling ball. As soft as sewn juggling balls, gives a great smooth feeling in your hands, always keeps its perfect round shape in the air, but doesn't roll on the floor when dropped! 62mm, 115g Each sold individually.