White Astronaut Backpack
Be prepared to travel for light years with this Realistic Back Pack! It is the perfect accessory to complete your astronaut look! This back pack can hold all of your space gear and or snacks. Back pack is adjustable. Includes:...
$ 49.95
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Pink Bride of Frankenstein Coffin Backpack
Officially Licensed Bride of Frankenstein Coffin Shaped Back Pack! Vegan Leather  Bag Is 14" Tall by 9" Wide Complete with Ajustable Straps and Inside Pocket!
$ 89.95 $ 79.95
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Frankenstein Coffin Backpack
A Monstrously Cool Coffin Backpack Bring Frankenstein's creation with you wherever you go with this officially licensed Frankenstein Coffin Backpack! Made of vegan vinyl leather and measuring 14" by 9", this stylish coffin backpack features Boris Karloff's iconic portrayal of...
$ 94.95 $ 84.95
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Dracula Choke Heart Backpack
A Bag For The Bloodthirsty Fall in love with Lugosi all over again with this darling Dracula Choke Heart Backpack! Measuring 10" tall and 11.5" wide, this officially licensed mini backpack features a red graphic of Dracula choking his victim...
$ 89.95 $ 74.95
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Mermaid Sequin Backpack
How Many Wonders Can One Backpack Hold? Need something to store your whozits and whatzits galore? This Mermaid Sequin Backpack can hold plenty! Measuring about 10.25" x 3.5" x 11", this stylish backpack is made from neoprene and patent leather and...
$ 29.95 $ 24.95
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Skull Embossed Backpack In Vinyl
Take Your Look To The Next Level Modern goth fashion continues to evolve in lock step with all the professional quality fabrics and materials that are finding their way into the consumer marketplace. This opens the door for dimensional graphics like...
$ 124.95
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Green Alien Head Vinyl Backpack In Vinyl Material
A Vivid Alien Head Backpack The classic “Grays” of Area 51 fame have gone from being just an urban myth to being a cultural icon that is recognizable the world over. So, it makes sense that someone would repurpose this...
$ 49.95
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Michael Myers Coffin Backpack
Officially Licensed Mike Myers Halloween II Coffin Backpack! Vegan Leather  Bag Is 14" Tall by 9" Wide Complete with Adjustable Straps and Inside Pocket!
$ 89.95 $ 79.95
Universal Monster Collage Coffin Backpack
Officially Licensed Universal Monster Collage Coffin Shaped Backpack! Vegan Leather  Bag Is 14" Tall by 9" Wide Complete with Adjustable Straps and Inside Pocket!
$ 79.95
Creature with Damsel Heart Backpack
Love Is In The Water Declare your love for the Gill-man with this officially licensed Creature with Damsel Heart Backpack! This heart shaped mini backpack is made of vegan vinyl leather, measures 10" tall x 11.5" wide and features cobweb lining with an...
$ 89.95 $ 74.95
Skeleton Backpack With Hoodie In Vinyl And Polyester
An Embossed Skull Backpack & Hood Skeletons and skulls are an all too popular theme in goth style and other genres. This particular backpack & hood combo takes it to the next level in looks, as well as functionality. The...
$ 154.95
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