Hot Pink Furry Handcuffs
Hot Pink Furry Handcuffs With Real Flair There are times when you want a pair of the handcuff to have a functional bondage look and feel. Then there are other times when you want a pair of handcuffs with a...
$ 36.00
Chain Escape Handcuffs
A Chain Escape Trick That Is Sure To Impress Any Size Of Audience There’s no doubt about it, escape artist magic is making a strong comeback. Originally pioneered by Harry Houdini, today droves of magicians are learning to escape from...
$ 19.95
Sold Out
Magic Handcuffs
Escape with these Magic Handcuffs! Secret method of escape is included inside!
$ 39.95 $ 19.95
Sold Out
Metal Handcuffs with key.
$ 12.95
Sold Out
Deluxe Handcuffs
Real Handcuffs For The Ultimate In Escape Artist Tricks For the better part of the last century escape artists of every stripe have been turning to handcuffs both real and fake to pull off some of the worlds most amazing...
$ 18.95
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