Mr. Happy Animated Prop
Don't Take Candy From This Stranger! The Mr. Happy Animated Halloween Prop is a life-sized Clown Prop with Lights and Sound! Our Creepy Animated Clown figure is bending over and extending a Large Lollipop in one hand while behind his...
$ 549.00
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Clown Chainsaw Lunger
Straight from your nightmares Psycho Clown is chainsawing his latest victim in half, then chainsaw lifts over his head, torso turns side to side as he shoots out 5′ over the table while head turns side to side. Nobody sees it...
$ 1,000.00
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Kicking Clown on a Swing
Perfect Halloween Party Clown Have you ever seen a clown up close? With way too much make-up, a funny costume, and lousy shoes, yeah, those. Well, we've got one, kicking on a swing no less. This prop fits well with...
$ 54.95
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