Black Vinyl Police Hat
Above The Law The perfect police costume relies on a series of key props like a badge, nightstick, belt and fake sidearm. Though it also needs just the right hat to go with the blue uniform. This is exactly what...
$ 24.95
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Black Bullet Star Police Hat
A Polished Leather Police Hat That Makes A Statement Let’s face it, as cliché as police hats might be in some circles, they are still a long-standing look that isn’t going away any time soon. So, rather than look at...
$ 48.95
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Patent Rainbow Police Hat
A Patent Leather Police Hat With A Rainbow Band There are times when you need a police hat that sends a clear message. Yet you also want one that looks great, shines, and feels comfortable when worn for hours. If...
$ 42.95
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Red Patent Police Hat
A Red Patent Leather Police Hat Why does black patent leather get to have all the fun, when red is just as fetching? Of course, the conditioning process that goes into making patent leather also leaves room for other colors...
$ 36.95
Matte Black Police Hat
A Matte Black Police Hat Made From Comfortable Leather Patent leather police hats are certainly popular for their gleam and flair. Though there are also times when you don’t want one that shines like a veritable mirror. Answering this call,...
$ 36.95
Sequin Cop Hat
Sequin cop hat great for a fabulous police officer look.
$ 34.95
Triple O Ring Red Patent Hat
A Comfortable Red Patent Leather Hat The process for making patent leather also makes it easy to alter the color of the material in a wide range of shades. Best yet, this special dying process does nothing to reduce the...
$ 48.95
Studded Police Hat
Get Ready To Cuff ‘Em & Stuff ‘Em Have you always dreamed of being a sexy police officer, but you don’t want to go to the police academy just to spend a night patrolling the dance floor, then this Studded...
$ 58.00
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