Ancient Nightmare Mask
A Hand Painted Mask Depicting An Ancient Beast Of Nightmares If you are looking for a high-quality mask or prop for your next cosplay or gruesome performance, then you need to stop and feast your eyes on this fell-animate visage....
$ 59.95
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Bat Creature Mask
A Hideous Bat Monster Mask Many people find bats to be freakishly hideous creatures of the night that do better living in trees and eating mosquitos. The idea of one even finding a home in your attic can be frightening...
$ 89.95 $ 59.95
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A Demonic Vampire Cornelius Mask Ghoulish Production’s mask artisans are well-versed in a wide range of genres, and they try to answer the needs of every conceivable niche, while also offering masks that can suit multiple themes. You see this...
$ 55.95
A Stunningly-Accurate Nosferatu Mask Nosferatu is seen by many horror film buffs as a symphony of horror. Its portrayal of a beasty vampire back in the 1922 film has captivated the imagination of millions for nearly a century. So, of...
$ 42.95
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Mega Vampire
A Large Vampire Mask That Includes The Head & Chest Vampiric cosplayers and fans of undead LARPing are often vexed by vampire masks that cover the face and nothing else. This leaves you trying to choose whether you want to...
$ 159.95
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Caitiff Mask
A Wretched Mask For A Garish Look By Definition a Caitiff is a base or despicable person. An obsolete wretch like a captive or prisoner, or perhaps even a galley slave who never sees the light of day. This concept...
$ 48.95
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A Kurten Vampire Mask With Garish Details Peter Kurten was originally a German serial killer who was known as the “Vampire Of Dusseldorf.” Though his name and reputation have since been leant to the dark world of vampires and the...
$ 59.95
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