Disco Necklace
Back in the 70s The 70s was the era when disco parties were the height of cool and fun. With all the sparkly dance floors, colorful costumes, loud music, and giant disco balls reflecting light in many directions, it is...
$ 6.95
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Metallic Beads
These Beads Look Good These metallic beads are authentic, so you should have no fear that they would decline in quality. You can rock this accessory as much as you want because of how durable it is. The awesome thing...
$ 5.95
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Patent White Choker With 3/4” Ring 1/2” Wide
A White Patent Leather Choker With A Subtle O-Ring There’s absolutely no reason why patent leather always has to be sleek jet black. White is just as viable a color and really adds a contrasting splash to a lot of...
$ 19.95
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Roaring Twenties Beads
Dress Like In The Old Days If you're an olden days enthusiast, there is no reason why you shouldn't have this accessory. The Roaring Twenties were a period of economic prosperity, and it gave us some of the most fabulous fashion...
$ 4.95
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Black Studded Choker
This One Won’t Choke You Out The problem with a lot of sexy chokers is that they are so tight on the neck that they leave you feeling like you are getting choked out in an MMA fight. That’s probably...
$ 7.95
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