Jabberwocky by Tony Shiels
Whether you're into mentalism, mind reading, storytelling, bizarre magick, strange, weird, or spooky magic, then you will delight in Jabberwocky, The Lost Writings of Tony 'Doc' Shiels.
$ 37.95
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The Magic Kettle (Any Drink Called For!) by Jeffery Atkins - Book
This is a 'must-own' book for anyone who is currently performing or even thinking about performing this classic effect. Jeffery Atkins covers the origins and history of this classic, as well as multiple ways to produce and set up the...
$ 32.95
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Sharp Sorcery (Limited/Out of Print) by Les Sharps
A fantastic hardbound book for the stand-up performer. The effects in this book are solid, and are designed for the true worker. The topics in this book include: mentalism, card magic, silk magic, rope magic, productions, etc.This is a first...
$ 25.95
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Begin to Build Your Own Illusions Vol. 4
This giant publication features over 130 pages of tips, plans and illusion ideas. The book begins with a foreword by David Copperfield and includes seven out-of-print, rare Abbott's plans and eight of Paul Osborne's earliest Genii plans. Tips from Gerald...
$ 54.95
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Simple Magic Tricks Book
Includes 50 Tricks, Gags, Games and Puzzles! Perfect for beginners!  
$ 5.95
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Houdini Book
Houdini World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King
$ 19.95
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Discover the Five Points- and the Secrets of Using ThemLong out of print and widely sought after, The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind....
$ 44.95
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Card College Lightest by Roberto Giobbi
Lightest and Last! Card College Lightest is the final volume of Roberto Giobbi's acclaimed 'Light' trilogy. In it are taught 18 thoroughly astonishing tricks of professional quality, complete with performing psychology, presentations, valuable tips and insights, all of which contribute...
$ 43.95
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Card College Volume 1 by Roberto Giobbi
The first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, beginning with lessons on the proper ways to hold, deal and shuffle the cards, then progressing through many basic sleights and techniques, including perhaps...
$ 50.00
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Begin To Build Your Own Illusions Vol. 3
Over one hundred pages of more illusion ideas and building tips written by Paul Osborne. Enjoy a foreword by Andre' Kole and 21 illusion ideas from David Ginn, Stan Allen, Rand Woodbury, Tom Palmer, and others. Share building secrets from...
$ 49.95
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