MENTAL DICE (With Online Instruction) by Tony Anverdi
  Mental Dice by Anverdi is one of the most popular effects being sold today. As the holder of the rights to Mental Dice created by Anverdi in 1976; Murphy's Magic has produced the most up-to-date, innovative version available."Wow! One word...
$ 349.95
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Cosmos 3 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Greg Rostami
A Versatile Card Separation Effect The ability to separate cards by color without a cumbersome sleight of hand is surely impressive. It’s also the sort of thing that is hard to teach yourself to do flawlessly. Rather than take on...
$ 99.95 $ 50.00
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The Swami Gimmick
A Classic Retake On A Mentalism Gimmick A swami gimmick is a prop-based mentalism trick that plays just as well in a wide range of magic performances. This kid enables you to create the illusion of knowing something in advance...
$ 29.95
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Svenlopes (SUPERHEROES) (4 x 6 Black) by Sven Lee
A Very Versatile Svenlopes Kit With Multiple Effects Senvlopes is an intriguing take on how to elevate Svengali mentalism and prediction effects. This particular Svenlopes kit has a superheroes theme, but that’s not the bulk of the value. This kit...
$ 44.95
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No Tear Pad (Small, 3.5 X 3.5, Tear/No Tear Alternating) by Alan Wong
A Tear & No Tear Alternating Pad Trick What could be easier to tear than a simple sheet of paper? Know the world over as being one of the simplest things to rip, this trick challenges the imagination, and perhaps...
$ 8.95
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Light It Up Classic Walnut (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by SansMinds
The Classic Light It Up Trick With Three Lighters Light it up is a classic trick used by mentalists and magicians for a wide variety of acts or woven into larger performances. It gives you the ability to conjure a...
$ 249.95 $ 184.95
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Limited Edition Light It Up Vigor Maroon (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by SansMinds
A Limited Edition Version Of The Classic Light It Up Trick Light it up is a classic small pyrotechnic trick used by performance magicians and mentalists to replicate the ability to seemingly summon flame on command. This particular trick is...
$ 299.95 $ 219.95
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Alice Book Test by Josh Zandman
A Prediction & Mentalism Effect With A Reimagined Book This comprehensive book by Zandman is known as "Alice" is part of a similar themed series. From the start you intuitively know the word and picture the chosen participant is thinking....
$ 75.95
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B’Wave by Max Maven DVD
An Instructional DVD To Help You Master An Impressive Card Trick B’Wave is an impressive card trick developed and mastered to much fame by Max Maven. Once dubbed “The Most Impressive Card Trick of the 20th Century” this DVD passes...
$ 14.95
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Jabberwocky by Tony Shiels
A Book That Delves Deep Into Some Of Mentalism & Magic’s Most Guarded Secrets Jabberwocky is a conglomeration of mentalism, mind reading, bizarre magic, strange, weird, and spooky magic that’s also sprinkled with a rich tradition of storytelling by Tony...
$ 69.95 $ 37.95
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The Gift (gimmick and online instructions) by Angelo Carbone
The Gift Gimmick Takes Any Act To New Heights Angelo Carbone is one of the magic industry’s most clever creators with a reputation so powerful that you absolutely have to pay close attention to anything that bears his name. This...
$ 114.95
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Triple Prediction: Coke Pepsi and Mountain Dew
A Classic Prediction Card Trick With A Soda Pop Twist Pretty much everyone loves and cool refreshing soda and pretty much everyone loves a tantalizing card trick. So, it was only a matter of time until someone sat down and...
$ 34.95
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Svenlopes (50 count)
A Great Way To Freshen Up A Svengali Act With Svenvelopes Svengali routines are incredibly popular with magicians mentalists and performing artist of every stripe. It also tends to be the sort of canvas that lends well to customizing into...
$ 42.95
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Thumb Tip Type (Pencil Lead 2mm)- Vernet
An Elevated Take On How To Use Thumb Tip Tricks In A Working Performance Thumb tips gimmicks and tricks are typically thought of as being for beginners. A lot of working performer magicians tend to shed them from their act...
$ 24.95
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Magnetic Boon Writer (pencil 2mm)
A Magnetic Boon Writer To Help Hold Writing Tips A lot of prediction gimmicks and signed sleight of hand tricks employ some type of boon writer to discrete hold a nearly imperceptible writing instrument. This particular magnetic boon writer by...
$ 49.95 $ 24.95
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13 Steps To Mentalism (6 DVDs)
A DVD Set To Help You Master The Art Of Mentalism From The Mind of Tony Corinda Tony Corinda was a British master of mentalism & magical performance who spent over 50 years perfecting his craft. Toward the end of...
$ 249.95 $ 145.95
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AWE Struck by Adam Elbaum
A Mentalism Effect From An Industry Titan Adam Elbaum has studied the art of magic and the art of mentalism for over three decades. He is regarded as a true master of the craft and for being a "Magician's Magician"...
$ 79.95
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Cut - N - Two Card Prediction by Aldini
A Classic Yet Still Impressive Prediction Trick Mentalism and prediction tricks are enjoying a vigorous renaissance. You see this shining through in spades with gimmicks like Cut-in-Two, which blends mentalism and card magic together into an effect that can play...
$ 9.95
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Name Tag (Red) by Agus Tjiu DVD
Name Tag Red Can Easily Be Made Your Own Despite the somewhat unassuming name Name Tag is one of those performance magic tricks that is easy to learn and easy to make your own. Once practiced to perfection, you can...
$ 55.00
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Induction (2 DVD Set) by Spidey - DVD^
A Mind Bending Routine By One Of The Industry’s Best Hypnotists Spidey is regarded as one of the most powerful performing hypnotists and mentalists in the magic industry. He brings his routine to audiences of all sizes, and does his...
$ 129.95 $ 69.95
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