Viking Lord Shield & Sword
Let's Get Ready To Pillage! During the Medieval Warm Period people in Scandinavian countries enjoyed the open waters and the embraced the curiosity of what lay beyond the known horizon. These battle-hardened people then venture out of “Go A Viking.”...
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Spartan Shield
Come Back With Your Shield Or On It The Spartans and the 300 at the Battle of Thermopylae marched their way into the pages of history. Of course, the blockbuster movie 300 brought the exploits of Leonidas and his brave...
$ 19.95
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Captain America Shield
$ 39.95 $ 35.95
Captain America Shield
Patriotic Vibranium At Its Finest Captain America’s shield is an icon that has helped Steve Rogers stand out both in the comics and in the newly rebooted Marvel movies, it’s no wonder why so many people show up as Captain...
$ 39.95 $ 35.95
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Dragon Shield
A Dragon Slayer's Second Favorite Thing Most knights and noble families had some sort of coat of arms that represented them and their esteemed honor. Though few were regarded higher than those who sported dragon motifs. These were men who...
$ 45.95
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Crusader Shield & Sword
To God Goes The Glory The Christian Religion is credited with providing the people of Europe with a unifying concept that was lost for centuries after the fall of Rome. Though it was during the Dark Ages in Europe when...
$ 22.95
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Dragon Lord Shield and Sword
Battling Winged Wyverns & Drakes The knights of old were chivalrous men and nobles who swore and oath to defend the king and the people against foes no matter how dangerous. In the tales that were told, no danger was...
$ 24.95
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Wolf Master Shield and Sword
Off To The New Day's Mist I Run Human beings and canines have always had a complex and deep relationship. Especially in the early days when wolves weren’t fully tamed yet and lived beside man as co-hunters rather than subjugated...
$ 25.95
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Knights Shield-Wooden
A Squire At The Ready In medieval times, knights were valiant men of action bound by a code of chivalry to serve God and Country. Of course, they needed help getting into all that bulky armor and saving damsels in...
$ 19.95
Fleur de Lys Shield
A Lily Flower Shield For A Knight The Fleur De Lys is a symbol most closely associated with the French. It has roots that go way back to the crusades, but was often donned on the coat of arms for...
$ 50.95
Spartan Foam Shield
Replica design of a classic Spartan infantry soldiers shield. Made from a soft foam material which makes this prop both light weight and safe! Painted to resemble a wooden shield with a bronze center. Safe Foam Material Light Weight 17.75"...
$ 85.00
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