Werewolf Deluxe Feet
Can't have a full werewolf transformation if you're missing the feet. We've got you covered with these easy to use and comfortable wolf shoe covers. Made from hand painted natural latex fronts and synthetic brown fur backs. A 1" strap...
$ 39.95
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Alpha She Wolf
Embrace the beast within with this amazingly detailed and terrifying mask. Can be used as a werewolf or a horrifying beast. This is a full over-the-head face mask made of 100% natural latex and two different kinds of faux furs...
$ 72.95
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Brown Wolf Glove
A bad moon is rising with this excellently detailed accessory. Complete your werewolf look with these gloves made of a comfortable spandex cotton base and detailed latex werewolf fingers and claws. 100% Natural Latex Cotton and Spandex Gloves One Size...
$ 42.95
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Hungry Wolf Mask
Be Big-Bad In This Hungry Wolf Mask The Big Bad Wolf and wolves, in general, are the antagonist of many a classic tale. So, it comes an as little surprise that someone would put together such a highly detailed Big...
$ 36.95
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Killer Wolf Feet
If you're really committing to your werewolf look, you have to have to feet. These killer wolf feet are easy to wear, comfortable, and way more threatening than the traditional wolf foot covers. Made from hand painted latex wolf feet...
$ 38.00
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Gnarly (Wolf Face)
Howl at the moon with this classic snarling wolf mask. This wonderfully detailed mask is made from natural latex lined with attached brown synthetic fur. A 1" cross strap on the back secures the mask to the head for optimal...
$ 82.95
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