Wolverine Adult Claws
These Claws Defy Local Regulations Most cities and states have laws on the books that limit just how long of a blade you can carry with you when out in public. Of course, these measurements rarely meet the specs needed...
$ 28.95
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Wolfman Wig
Jim Harrison’s Dream Come To Life Jim Harrison claimed that his inspiration for the novella and screenplay Wolf came from a fierce dream he had while staying in his remote cabin near Grand Marais, Michigan. He was sleeping alone in...
$ 36.95
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Deluxe Wolverine
$ 84.95
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Deluxe Wolverine
$ 84.95
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11’’ Foam Hand Claw
Need a safe and easy Wolverine claw? This accessory is perfect! Can also be used for a quick Freddy Krueger look or as a terrifying ninja weapon! This weapon is made from 11" foam claws attached to a black foam...
$ 24.95
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